About Istanbul

about istanbul uihk

Istanbul which extends with one wing on the Asian side and the other on the European side, embraces both continents at once, is a city which conquers the hearts of its visitors with the Bosphorus, Historical Peninsula, Golden Horn and its magical atmosphere. Istanbul was firstly ruled by the Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, and then the East Roman Empire and finally the Ottoman Empire. It became the capital city of the Ottoman Empire which created big peace between intercontinental geography. While the city carries the signs of its, honourable history, it is also moving toward a modern future. For centuries, residents or visitors which came for several reasons for a certain period of time are fascinated by the unlimited richness it presents. First of all it presents Istanbul is the holder of natural beauty and rich perspectives which are provided by the embracing of the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn, the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea. After Istanbul, Anatolia follows as a great back country, which is a live commerce center, due to the reason that it is at a natural pier and intersects at a point where civilization is found. 

Worldwide products are gathered here and distributed to all around the world. The bazaars are always functional and there are always come and go to its waters. At the same time it is also a political center. For centuries Istanbul, has accommodated the world’s most great forces that have sat in its throne. It also has a present international political importance, but the most important of all is that people have equipped it with monuments and works of art for centuries. The museums are full of signs that belong to people which lived and are still living in this city. Mosques, Churches and synagogues are located side by side and are monuments of peace of different beliefs. Altogether, squares, streets, palaces, villas, mansions and modern buildings have sheltered countless legends and stories in them. While viewing the city with a sun set at the Bosphorus shore, you will feel the quality that makes the city magical and your belief of Istanbul being “the City of the Center of the world” will boost up. 

The city’s most beautiful monuments are located between the Golden Horn, The Marmara Sea and the Istanbul city walls of the Historical Peninsula. The silhouettes of more than 500 mosque’s domes and minarets that rise to the top of Istanbul create a breath taking atmosphere. Someone who takes a look at the historical peninsula from the sea or Salacak seaside will feel as if they were in a dream from the past to the present. On one side The Sultanahmet Mosque which is also called “The Blue Mosque” because of its 6 minarets and blue ceramics that it has been decorated with, has became one of Istanbul’s symbols and makes you feel as if you were going to rise to the sky and on the other side the Famous Hagia Sophia Museum which was constructed as a church during the emperor Justinian period has an appearance that makes you feel as if you have striked roots with all of its heaviness to the sky. The opposite feeling that both of these structures awaken, you can discover the real effect of Istanbul. The Suleymaniye Mosque that views these two magnificent monuments is at the top of Ottoman architect.